Fire-N-Ice is from one end of the spectrum to the other, from our band name, to our members, to the music we play. A gig with us is one you will not soon forget! Packed with great music from the country of Johnny Cash & Chris Stapleton to the sounds of Bruno Mars, Pink, Bryan Adams & Kid Rock. Throw in some oldies from the 50's & 60's of the Beatles & Elvis, then rock it out to some of the greatest classic rock hits of all time with Meat Loaf, John Cougar, Guns N' Roses, Kiss, Poison, ZZ Top & AC/DC and everything imaginable in between. Always a great time full of awesome music, fun and humor. No matter your age or the music you like, there is something for everyone to get up and move their feet to. We have 3 members beginning with our leader, putting this band together back in 1995, Bill Luebbehusen: Back on the drums, a master at keeping the beat and a voice that can go from country to rock at the drop of the hat. Self trained on his vocals; you would think you were listening to the original artist. With a sharp ear & the controls at his finger tips, he also handles the sound. Bill has been playing in bands since he was 16 years old and lives in Ferdinand, IN. Harold Bleemel: An original member, he has played alongside Bill since meeting up in the band Crossfire in 1991, which morphed into Fire-N-Ice (as put by Harold). Best known for his famous green guitar which he plays lead and does vocals. You will also see him along side the keyboard. Harold has played in various bands through the years and lives in Dubois, IN. Don Hamilton: Our bassist, joining us in early 2017, coming from Evanston, IN. Playing music since the mid '80's in both original and cover bands over the years. Starting out playing both lead and bass guitar, finding bass to be his preference. Don is experienced in many genres of music but Southern Rock & Blues being his favs! As stated by Don, "those genres allow me to lock in with the drummer, keeping the beat, while the music takes ahold of me".  Put us together and we are Fire-N-Ice!! CONTACT US: